How to Twitter


Twitter is both a fascinating and powerful tool.  Its simplicity is its greatest strength, compounded by the sheer number of users.

Started in 2006, Twitter is projecting the possibility of 1 billion users within the next five years.  Getting to that stage gives the service the potential of producing a real time continuous pulse of humanity.

Certainly thee dramatic projections may see overwhelming to the user first getting started, but don’t worry, it isn’t hard at all.

Here are the basic steps:

1.  Choose a username.  Simply go to the Twitter website and register as a new user.  Many people use their real name, but like most online applications any handle is acceptable.

2.  Once you have a username, you have an account, and at that point, should you wish you can send your first Tweet.  Tweet is the name for the message, which can be up to a maximum of 140 characters.  What you put in your message depends on your personality and purpose.  Some people just give updates as to what they are doing, i.e. “drinking coffee, reading the paper.” Others choose to share the latest news.

If you are interested in business opportunities your tweet will likely contain some important information related to the field of your business.

3.  Following.  This is where you get to choose who to follow.  You can search for people you know through your email list, or by keyword such as similar locations and interests.  There are services like that lets you find the most followed people within certain niches.  Choose these people wisely, as it is their tweets which will appear in your timeline that you will have the opportunity to read.

4.  Followers.  When you first start using Twitter, probably no-one will be following you.  Don’t despair.  If you put out good information and follow a significant number of other people, people will start to follow you back.  If you are already an important or popular person, you will likely gain a significant following.  You can put your Twitter address in your email signature or on your website if you have one.  It is generally written as @yourname.

You can both tweet and follow others thorugh many interfaces.  The simplest is to use the twitter website, where you can see your tweets, post new tweets, and read the tweets of those you follow.  You can also search for people and topics of interest within the tweet universe.

More and more people are using standalone applications like Seesmic or Tweetdeck, or are using their iPhones, droids, and blackberries.

Apps such as this website focuses on offers more than 50,000 ways to enrich the experience.

That’s really all there is to it.  So go out and try it.

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