Gain followers with Follo

August 24, 2010
By Sharon


Follo helps tweeters increase their Twitter following in just a few steps.

Some Twitter applications require hundreds of dollars to help users increase the number of followers they have. The Follo application differs from those other apps because its absolutely free.

To use Follo, authenticate your account through the oAuth method.

Earning points is the key to obtaining Twitter followers. The more points you have, the more followers you will get in return. Users with the most points are displayed on the front page.

Twitter users gain one point for each user they follow. Follo also allows individuals to purchase points through Paypal. For $1, you will receive 250 points, $3 will get you 1000 points and $5 will get you 2000 points.

Follo also has a VIP section. VIPs are individuals with  loads of points and have a reputation of following a substantial amount of users. If you follow a VIP, or featured user, you will automatically get 10 points.

Make the most out of all the points you acquire. According to Follo, all points will expire after 24 hours.

Follo is a great way to network and increase your circle of friends. The follow for followers method works every time, try it out and see for yourself.

Website: (Follo)

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