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August 16, 2010
By Sharon


FanPush gives artists and musicians the ability to market their music to their fans.

Social networking is one of the best ways to gain popularity and friends. The FanPush application is a cool way to let your music be heard across Twitter.

To start, register on the FanPush website. After registering, sync your FanPush account with your Twitter account. FanPush allows you to sync as many accounts as you want.

Click on ‘Let’s get started’ to start your campaign. Upload the mp3s you want to promote, write the official names of each mp3, input the album release information and your artwork. Since people will be allowed to download the tracks you upload, only upload music that you own the rights to. Once you’ve finished uploading and inputing your information, you are now ready to start your campaign. Your campaign will not begin until you click on the ‘Activate this campaign’ link.

Each new user is given 10 free downloads to offer to their fans. Artists may purchase more downloads if they so choose. Currently, the plans range from gold to diamond. A gold plan will cost you $5 and give you 50 downloads, a platinum plan will cost $10 and give you 120 downloads and a diamond plan will cost $20 and give you 250 downloads.

Campaigns can always be deleted at a later date. Click on the ‘Campaigns’ tab to view the status of your downloads and listens.

FanPush is a great way to garner more attention. Even if a fan doesn’t download your song, you are still given an outlet to allow your music to be heard.
Try this great promotional tool out today. You just might end-up the next Justin Timberlake.

Website: (FanPush)

Twitter: @FanPush

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