Manage your Twitter and Tumblr accounts with Multtiple

August 14, 2010
By Sharon


Multtiple is an Adobe Air based client that can manage Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Muttiple is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS. The client will only work with  Adobe Air 2.0.

Twitter users will be able to view their timeline, favorites, mentions and direct messages. Individuals can post and erase both tweets and direct messages. The client makes your transition from browser to Multtiple as easy as pie. Users can search tweets, make lists and much more.

Tumblr doesn’t have as many features on the Multtiple client, but it makes using the social networking site a little easier. Tumblr members can view and work from their dashboard. The client allows you to make posts as usualm re-blog and browse ‘likes.’

Multtiple can either view the client in tab or column mode. The client also allows people to shorten urls, follow lists, re-tweeting with comments and an array of other new features.

All in all, this application saves users precious time by combining two popular social networking websites in-one.  The smooth interface is a true pleasure to use on a daily basis. Multtiple is free to use and proves to be an application that allows superior productivity.

Websire: (Multtiple)

Twitter: @Multtiple

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