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August 2, 2010
By Sharon


The blURL application separates regular tweets from tweets with links attached to them.

As odd as it may seem, there are actually some people that cruise Twitter just for links and pictures. If that describes the type of Twitter user you are, then blURL is right up your alley.

To use this application, you must authenticate your account through oAuth. Once you authenticate your account the application will load a page with all of the tweets from your followers that contain links. blURL only works with the profile you authenticate. This application will not show you every tweet posted to Twitter that contains a link.

Another cool aspect of blURL is the ‘Photos’ tab. Click on this tab to display all the tweets your friends have posted that contain picture links.

blURL is a great way to filter tweets and information you don’t want to see on your Twitter timeline. If you remember seeing a link or picture that one of your friends posted, but you can’t remember the day they posted it, you can always use blURL as a resource to find that information as quickly as possible.

Bookmark blURL to keep track of your favorite urls and pictures.

Website: (blURL)

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