Summarize your Twitter timeline with Inagist

July 4, 2010
By Sharon


Get the gist of what your friends are tweeting with the Inagist application.

This application is the perfect tool for users who tend to follow a lot of people on Twitter. Keeping up with a large quantity of that tweet frequently is a daunting task. Fortunately Inagist filters the tweets of your friends and summarizes what they are saying.

To get started, authenticate your account. Since this application has to analyze your account, setting things up for each account will take some time. Inagist will send you a tweet once your account is ready-to-go. The application is completely free and easy to get used to. The ‘hardest’ part of Inagist is waiting for your account to be set-up.

Once your account is set-up, tweets will be filtered by topic.  Location, Music, Fashion, Finance and Food are just some of the topics that inagist  separates your tweets into. Categories are also color-coded to make organization and browsing easier.

To view a specific tweeters page, simply click on the Twitter icon below their tweet.

This application is perfect for the user who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time reading tweets. Instead of reading tweet after tweet Inagist, gives you the gist of what has been said.

Website: (Inagist)

Twitter: @inAgist

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