Make a virtual parade out of your Twitter followers with IS Parade

June 23, 2010
By Sharon


IS Parade is probably the most creative and innovative Twitter applications to-date.

The application takes your Twitter friends and followers and forms a virtual parade with them.

To use IS Parade, enter you Twitter handle or a keyword into the designated box. Unfortunately, this application will not work on locked profiles.

Once the application analyzes your account, the parade will begin. The parade begins with you as the leader holding a sign with your Twitter username.  The parade consists of stick figure-like people walking across the screen. Each figure has the picture of one of your followers as its face.

Throughout the parade, little bubbles will appear with random tweets that one of your followers made towards you.

Watching the parade go across your screen is extremely entertaining. Some of your followers are stick figures while others are random animals. Every now and then the stick figure followers,will carry a  statute with your face across the screen.

IS Parade
is a fun application that will bring a smile to your face. This application is a great way to pass the time and give you a chance to see just who is following you. You can keep track of just how many people have gone across your screen by looking at the ‘people count’ in the left hand corner of the application.

IS Parade also allows users to take a picture of the parade for their desktop or mobile phone.

Any Twitter user can appreciate this application. Take your reign as the leader with the IS Parade application.

Website: (IS Parade)

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