Calculate the time you waste on Twitter with TweetWasters

June 21, 2010
By Sharon


Twitter can consume a person’s whole day if they let it. Most people don’t know how much time they waste tweeting, but now they can with TweetWasters.

TweetWasters uses a simple formula to calculate just how much time a person ‘wastes’ tweeting on a daily basis. The application assumes each person spends 30 seconds typing each tweet and takes into account the total number of tweets you’ve posted.

TweetWasters can be used by anyone. To start, enter your Twitter handle into the designated box and click ‘calculate.’

Once your information has been calculated, TweetWasters will display your picture along with the number of tweets you have made total.

The application breaks down and displays the number of seconds, minutes, hours and days you have spent tweeting.

TweetWasters also allows you to tweet your results and gives each user their official Tweetwasters rank. Each time you calculate how much time you waste tweeting, your default picture will be displayed towards the bottom of theĀ  TweetWasters website.

For people who tweets excessively, seeing these results could be a huge wake-up call to stop yourself from tweeting so often.

TweetWasters even has a cool WordPress plugin that allows you to show your visitors just how much time you’ve wasted as well.

Website: (TweetWasters)


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