GeoChirp: Twitter and Google Maps combined

June 3, 2010
By Sharon


GeoChirp is one of the most efficient ways to find out the latest news and events happening in your area.

GeoChirp combines two powerhouse tools- Twitter and Google Maps- into one cool application.

One of the coolest things about GeoChirp is that it automatically finds your location as soon as the page is loaded.

All of the Twitter users in your area, that are currently tweeting, are displayed on the bottom of the application. This is a great feature for individuals who are always looking to befriend tweeters in their area. These people will more than likely add you because you are in their area.

Individuals can also use GeoChirp to find information on certain places, things or people. To use that feature, place the keyword or term in the ’search’ box. Once that step is complete, set the distance radius and submit your settings. The most relevant tweets pertaining to your keyword(s) will be displayed below the search bar.

To use all of GeoChirp’s features, you must login. According to Geochirp’s website, all search results can be subscribed to for later use. If searching for keywords isn’t your thing, then you can always visit GeoChirp’s forums and find important information there instead.

Visit GeoChip’s blog for the latest information surrounding the application.
Website: (GeoChrip)
Twitter: @geochirping

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