Find out what Twitter lists you’re on with DoesFollow

June 2, 2010
By Sharon


Lists are the most popular feature that Twitter has in place. The DoesFollow List Check application allows you to search lists for your username.

This application, DoesFollow List Check, is a follow-up to DoesFollow. The new and improved application makes finding people who follow certain lists as easy as pie.

To get started, you need to find the list or lists that you’re interested in searching. Simply place the title of the list in the first box. The second box is designated for the user(s) that you wish to search for.

The application will then thoroughly search the list for the Twitter user you submitted. You will either get a   positive search result stating that the person is following that particular list. Or you will get a search  failed search result.

The main purpose of the DoesFollow Check List is to cut your manual search labor in half. If you see a list that seems interesting, don’t go through your friends’ lists. Instead, type their name into the DoesFollow Check List and you’ll get the results you need in no time!

DoesFollow Check List requires no passwords, log-ins or authentication. Anyone and everyone can use this application.
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Website: (Does Follow Check List)

Twitter: @doesfollow

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