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May 23, 2010
By Sharon


Tweetshots is the perfect application for bloggers, reporters and individuals alike.

As of late, Twitter has become its  very own tabloid. People tend to throw caution to the wind and reveal a surprisingly large amount of information about themselves. The Tweetshots application aids in capturing those candid moments with just one click of your mouse.

Tweetshots closely resembles the printscrn button on most keyboards.

To use the Tweetshots application, drag and drop the ‘TWEETSHOTS’ link underneath the bookmarklet category. Once this link is in place, you can start collecting Tweetshots.

Whenever you see a tweet that you want to save for later use, all have to do is click on the ‘TweetShot tab’ in your browser and like magic you will be able to save the tweet as an image.

Choose to send image to Tumblr, through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Delicious. Each Tweetshot comes equipped with its own embed code.

A real-time stream of Tweetshots is displayed on the frontage of the application. Make your own Tweetshot or view one of the shots in the stream.

Tweetshots is a quick way to capture tweets without all the hassle. Instead of going through the trouble of copying and pasting, Tweetshots is one click away!

Website: (Tweetshots)

Twitter: @Tweetshots

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