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May 14, 2010
By Sharon


Search engines are one of the best ways to find information on a person, place or thing. Kurrently is a relatively news search engine that grabs information from both Twitter and Facebook.

In recent years, both Facebook and Twitter have  become powerhouse social networking sites. Therefore, it is no surprise that someone would develop a search engine that revolves around the two sites.`
Kurrently lets you know, what everyone is thinking. You will never be left out in the dark again with this search engine around.
Kurrently requires no fees, registration, authentication or log-in. Anyone and everyone can use this search engine to discover information.

To use Kurrently, just type-in the phrase or keyword you want information on and click ’search.’

Each result that pops up, will state whether the information was found on Twitter or Facebook. The official logo for either Twitter or Facebook will be displayed at the bottom of the result.

Just like most search engines, the date and time of when the post was made is also listed with the results.

All of results are delivered in real-time. Users can also choose the speed in which their results are displayed.

Kurrently is a great way to see what other social networking users have today about topics that interest you.

Website: (Kurrently)

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