Make real-life decisions with Twurn

May 11, 2010
By Sharon


People make decisions every single day of their lives. From little things like picking up groceries, to big things like which daycare you should put your child in. Now, with the help of the Twurn application, you can make decisions with ease.

Twurn is a fun application that makes decisions for you. Instead of spending hours, days or maybe even weeks deciding on a route to take, Twurn does it for you.

to get started, type the task or problem in the designated box. Along with the task, you will need to type-in the two people that might end-up doing the task. You can also type in places, companies, musicians etc. as options.

Once your question and option is submitted, Twurn will randomly select a solution (a person, place or thing) to your question. Users can opt to tweet their results as a status update. To use that option, you will have to sign-in with your Twitter account.

The most recent results are displayed at the bottom of the application. Keep in mind that, this application is for fun,Twurn is not a fortune teller or therapist.

Twurn is a extremely fair way of making decisions. There’s no need to flip a coin anymore, instead use Twurn. . .your virtual coin toss application.

Website: (Twurn)
Twitter: @Twurn

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