TwitVance: Tweet scheduling for multiple accounts

May 4, 2010
By Sharon


It’s no secret that the more you tweet, the better chance you will have of getting your message out there. A person can’t physically tweet every moment of the day, but with TwitVance they will be able to send tweets when they’re not physically able to.

One main feature that sets TwitVance apart from other applications the mere fact that users can set-up advance tweets for multiple Twitter accounts.

To get started, you will have register on TwitVance’s official website. When you register, please make sure you enter your correct Time Zone. Entering your Time Zone plays a huge role in how and when your tweets are posted.

Once you have registered, you must log into at least one Twitter account and authenticate it. After that step is complete, you will taken to your dashboard. Enter the message you want to tweet. Choose whether you’d like to tweet the message right then and there or if you’d like to schedule it instead.

Tweets will be displayed in either the ‘Pending Tweets’ section or the ‘Published Tweets’ section. More accounts can be added by going to your dashboard and clicking on the ‘Accounts’ tab. All tweets can be edited or deleted at any time.

Another great feature of TwitVance is the integration. This means urls can be shorten through your standards. Users can also opt to use TwitVance’s shortening services.

TwitVance allows users to tweet unlimited tweets even when they’re not at the computer. This application is great for a promoter, business owner and blogger. The more you tweet, the more people you attract to your Twitter page.

Website: TwitVance
Twitter: @TwitVance

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