LabelMyFoto: A Twitter photo game for your friends

April 19, 2010
By Sharon


Engage you followers with the LabelMyFoto application.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right caption to go along with the picture(s) you upload to your online albums. Of course you could go the normal route and list the person, place or thing, but what fun is there in being normal?

The LabelMyFoto application is a great way to attain a caption for photographs and keep your followers  entertained at the same time.

To use LabelMyFoto, you must have a Twitter account. To get started, log into the application through the oAuth method.

Once you’ve logged into LabelMyFoto and uploaded a picture, your friends and followers will compete by posting a unique labels for your picture(s).

Friends and followers can vote on the labels that are posted to the pictures. If you make your picture(s) public, just about any Twitter user can vote on/submit a label. An award, in the form of a badge, is given to the funniest, lamest and stellar labels. Labels are voted on too!

According to LabelMyFoto, the site will not post anything to your Twitter account without having your permission to do so.

LabelMyFoto is a great way to interact and share information with your Twitter friends. Instead of having your followers leaving boring comments, get them involved by posting labels!

LabelMyFoto can be used with both Twitter and Facebook.
Website: (LabelMyFoto)

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