Celebirdies: View the tweets and pictures of your favorite celebrities

April 15, 2010
By Sharon


Celebirdies combines the best of both Twitter and Twitpic in one.

Celebirdies, which is a play on the word celebrities, is an interactive application that showcases pictures from an abundance of celebrities. Most, if not all, pictures are gathered from Twitter or Twitpic.

This application is a full-blown directory of pictures featuring some of your favorite celebrities.

Each celebrity has their own page. Pages contain the celebrity’s biography, Twitter page link, Twitpic account link, tweets and a list of comments from their friends and fans.

Instead of looking all over the place for pictures of your favorite celebrities in their natural environment, Celebirdies is a locker for celebrity media. Users can vote for their favorite celebrity, bookmark photos, and re-tweet all of the information found on Celebirdies.

The ‘Recently Added’ section displays five celebrities and showcases their latest pictures. There is also a section,Top Celebirdies, designated for the most popular celebrities on the website.
Browse celebrities by name, search for them individually or browse everyone all at once.

Another great feature that Celebirdies has, is the ability to see which celebrities are following one another. This feature is executed with Celebirdies’ social graph.

If you’re a celebrity fanatic and need to know how you favorite celeb spends their time then this application is right up your alley. Not only will you be able to read about your favorite celeb’s life, but you’ll be able to see them live it through pictures.

Website: (Celebirdies)

Twitter: @celebirdies

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