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April 12, 2010
By Sharon


Sometimes Twitter users lose followers quicker than they acquire them.

Even though it’s hard to keep up with the followers you lose, it’s still aggravating to see your following count dwindle. Now with the help of the application, you’ll always know who left your Twitter circle. looks like an extravagant application, but that is definitely not the case. This application holds true to its name by displaying the latest Twitter users who have unfollowed you.

One of the great ¬†aspects of this application, is that you don’t need to register or log-in. Anyone can use this application and it’s free!

To get started, submit your Twitter username into the box at the top of the screen. Once you’ve submitted your name,, will bench mark your followers so that when you return to the application, the application will give you the names and pictures of those who unfollowed you since your last visit.

This application will not work on profiles that are locked. You must unlock your profile to use who.unfollowed me. reports all of its results in real-time. This application will not tell you who unfollowed you in the past. Once you’ve checked who has unfollowed you, those search results can’t be brought back up again. has only been around since February, but it is steadily creating its own buzz.
According to the application’s website, has tracked 40,000 unfollowers spanning 2,500 twitter accounts

The next time you notice you’ve lost a follower; run, don’t walk, and use the application!

Website: (Who.Unfollowed.Me)
Twitter: @whounfollowedme

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