View your tweets in stages with Tweetree

April 4, 2010
By Sharon


Tweetree displays your tweets in a tree-like format.

To use this application, individuals can either sign-up through the Tweetree website or they can authenticate their account with the oAuth method.

Once you’re logged into Tweetree, the application will look very similar to your account on Twitter. Instead of tweeting from Twitter, you can tweet with ease from the application.

The Tweetree application puts a twist on how your tweets are displayed. Users will be able to see exactly where certain tweets branched from. Every person that has responded, edited or Re-tweeted a particular tweet will be displayed underneath the follower on your list that mentioned it.

Tweetree allows you to updates your status, check your direct messages, mentions and profile. Users can do everything they normally do on Twitter with this application.

One of Tweetree’s best features is the ability to see page links and videos on the application. If one of your followers/friends posts a YouTube video, the video will be displayed directly on Tweetree. You will never have to visit YouTube while tweeting again! Tweetree also supports files from Twitpic, Flickr, Friendfeed, TwitVid, Seesmic,Lala, Qik, and Blip.

Tweetree gives Twitter users a new way of viewing tweets, links and updates. If you’re tired of having to click on random links just to see what your friends are talking about or you just want an escape from the norm, then Tweetree is the solution for you.


Website: (Tweetree)

Twitter: @tweetree

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