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April 2, 2010
By Sharon


The HappyTweepDay application will prevent you from forgetting that special someone’s birthday ever again.

Keeping track of your family, friends and co-workers’ birthdays is a daunting task for some. With everything that goes on in your daily life, it’s easy to forget a birthday.

HappyTweepDay is a virtual calendar that aims to keep you up-to-date with your friends’ and followers’ birthdays.

To get started, authenticate your account and submit the e-mail address where you’d like to receive your birthday notifications. All users must submit their own birthday to finish the intial process. You must allow HappyTweepDay to send you notifications¬† e-mails. Whenever one of your followers has a birthday coming up, you will be notified via e-mail.

Most, if not all, people check their e-mail each day. So having these notifications sent to your account will be convenient and a time saver.

Upon sign-up, HappyTweepDay automatically updates your Twitter status asking your friends/followers for their birthday. Instead of inputting birthdates on your own, HappyTweepDay gives every user a special link to tweet to their users. With this link, users can submit their birthday to your virtual calendar.

HappyTweepDay is the perfect application for individuals who have a hard time remembering birthdays.
Website: (HappyTweepDay)
Twitter: @tweepday

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