TweetBracket: A place where March Madness fans can discuss the event

March 28, 2010
By Sharon


Place your bets, trash the rivals and root for your favorite team with the tweetBracket application.

March Madness is like a Birthday party for basketball fans. Most fans spend hours in front of the television screen either cheering or slamming the teams playing.

Now, with the tweetBracket application, you can trash talk your least favorite team and vote on your favorites.

TweetBracket requires that its users connect through Facebook or signing in with their Twitter through the oAuth method.

Initially, you will be shown two teams who are still in the competition. For example, tweetBracket may show you MSU versus TENN, you must pick one of the two teams as your projected winner of March Madness. Once you choose, you will proceed and vote on the rest of the 2010 Elite Eight.

All of the recent¬† jabber surrounding the NCAA is displayed on the front page of tweetBracket. Users can click on any of these tweets and be re-directed to that individuals’ homepage.

TweetBracket is a fun application to take advantage of during one Basketball’s most popular months. ¬†Tweet and get involved in the madness or watch users hash it out from the sidelines. This application is not only fun, but it’s addictive too!

Website: (tweetBracket)

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