Twitdom Allows You to Share Your Favorite Apps With Ease

March 16, 2010
By Eric

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Say you came across a killer Twitter app that you want everyone to know about and you want everyone else to use.  What’s the best way to make this app available to everyone else without having to forward emails or send updates to everyone?  The answer is simple, just post this Twitter app over on the site called Twitdom and everyone will have instant access to your find.

Twitdom has a database of user submitted apps that have reached over 1,500 apps and counting.  Submitting a new app to the website is simple and they provide you with a link to your website as a way of saying thanks.

To submit an application, just click on the submit application button, fill in the necessary fields and the rest of the Twitter user can now easily find the app that you have been raving about.

Looking for a app to do something?  Twitdom offers that too.  You can easily search their database of apps and find something to suit your needs.  The site is simple to use and extremely helpful to Twitter users who need to find a specific app to suit the task ahead.

Head over to Twitdom and share your favorite apps with the world.


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