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March 12, 2010
By Sharon


Tweetcube gives Twitter users an alternate way of sharing media files. This application is relatively new, but it already shows a great deal of promise.

Tweetcube is a free file-sharing service. Users can upload videos, images, mp3s and various other types of media files. All of your files can be managed under the ‘My Account’ section on the top of the page.

Twitter users will get a kick out of being able to share their media files with their friends and followers. Currently, users can only upload files that are 10MB or less. Users have free reign to upload as many files as they want since there is no limit in place.

All uploaded files will be deleted after 30 days. It is for that reason why, Tweetcube should not be used for personal storage.

This application is great platform to use to promote yourself, your music or a product. Instead of looking for a series of applications to upload your files, Tweetcube is your own personal media filing cabinet.

Tweetcube is a product of the Anything Cashable Corporation. This application is free to use. Even though no registration is required, all users are must  sign-in using their Twitter information.

Website: (Tweetcube)

Twitter: @tweetcube

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