To Follow Or Not To Follow? Tweepler Makes It Easy

March 8, 2010
By Eric


To follow or not to follow?  This is a constant question asked by Twitter users.  Should I follow this user or ignore him or her?  Typical Twitter users will have to make this choice several times daily and the task of adding those you wish to follow and dropping those that you wish to ignore can become both time consuming and demanding.

What if this process could be simplified?  Well it turns out that this daily task for Twitter users can be simplified through the use of an app called Tweepler.  Tweepler simplifies the process of selecting who you want to follow and who you wish to ignore.

The app is simple to use.  You can choose to place twitter users in one of two buckets.  Bucket one is those you wish to follow and bucket two is reserved for those you wish to ignore.  If you choose to put someone into the ignore bucket, you will never get asked to follow that user again.

Here’s a piece from the site describing the purpose of Tweepler and what this app allows you to do.

-Simplistic and Intuitive Interface: We’ve made it simple and enjoyable to process your new followers and to access those you’re already following.

-Reduce Clutter: Archive followers out of the way by placing them in the Ignore bucket and never having to look at them again!

-Save Time: View detailed stats for new followers, eliminating the need to go to each individual profile and further speeding up the decision process.

As you can see, the usefulness of Tweepler is right up there with the best Twitter apps available.  Tweepler takes the most time consuming Twitter task, the tedious act of adding or ignoring other Twitter users and makes it simple.

Source:  Tweepler

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