Twistori App Puts A Twist on Twitter Posts

March 7, 2010
By Eric



Yes, there are Twitter apps to serve all of your needs and even apps that you could not possibly imagine how they could be useful to you.  To prove this, we will review a rather unique Twitter app called Twistori.  Now some Twitter users will find this app intriguing, though maybe not useful.  However, Twistori does make for an interesting read and some of what is seen through this app is as the commercials say “priceless”.

What is Twistori?  Twistori is a rolling screensaver app based off of Twitter comments and updates.  To use the app you simple click on one of the words found on the left of the screen.  The words include love, hate, think, believe, wish, and feel.  After clicking on one of the words, a rolling screensaver appears with Twitter feeds that start with the selected word.

Maybe it doesn’t sound that useful, but reading some of the comments can cause you to break out in laughter or cowl in disgust..  This is exactly where Twistori shines.  Reading the screen for a minute or two could make you laugh, could disgust you, or could upset you.  You never really know which emotion will be evoked.

Twistori is nothing more than an ever changing screen saver powered by updates posted on Twitter.  Its draw is the forthcoming nature of the comments found and the phrases displayed on the screen that are both unpredictable and at times downright rude.  This app fits its name, it puts a twist to the story of users.


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