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March 2, 2010
By Sharon


Typing everything you want to say in 140 characters or less is not an easy task for some. TweetC is the perfect application for Twitter users that need a little more than 140 characters.

Instead of flooding your followers’ timeline with multiple tweets about the same subject, TweetC allows you to post everything you have to say in just one tweet.

TweetC is free to use and requires the oAuth log-in method.

After logging into the application, simply type the message you want to post to your Twitter account.
TweetC posts your message to your account with a link back to the text that wasn’t able to fit.

One feature that TweetC has that many message shortening applications don’t, is the ability to let its users post via e-mail and phone.

TweetC’s API allows you to write a tweet from your very own e-mail address. TweetC gives all of its users a unique e-mail ID. Write your tweet in the body of your e-mail and send it to the ID that TweetC gives you. Your message will be posted as soon as it is received by TweetC.

This application reports in real-time. The latest tweets posted through TweetC are displayed on the application’s front page for all to see. This is a nice feature for those who post tweets in order to attract a larger audience.

TweetC can be translated in over 40 different languages. If you love the Twitpic application, then you will definitely love TweetC. Simplify your life and start using TweetC today!

Website: (TweetC)
Twitter: @tweetc

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