JustUnfollow: Quickly unfollow Twitter users

March 1, 2010
By Sharon

justUnfollow-logoJustUnfollow is a quick way to unfollow Twitter users who aren’t following you. JustUnfollow is great  way to enforce the statement, “Out with the old and in with the new”.

Twitter is a great way to network with other people,but how are you going to network with people if  they don’t follow you?

JustUnfollow is the perfect application to rid yourself of users who won’t follow you.

Scanning the list of people you follow is a tedious task; especially if you follow more 200 people. Chances are, you will end-up unfollowing the wrong person. With the JustUnfollow application, your manual labor of scanning people to unfollow is over.

Authenticate your account with the oAuth method and then press the ’shown nonfollowers’ button. JustUnfollow will grab the first 50 users that aren’t following you. JustUnfollow will show you the users’ picture, the number of people they’re following and the number of people following them. Click the ‘unfollow’ link next to each user you want to remove.

Continue this method until you have successfully unfollowed your non-followers. It’s always best to double-check a user’s profile before unfollowing them.

JustUnfollow helps you weed out users who don’t follow you on Twitter. Once you’ve tried this application out, you’ll never remove followers the regular way again!

Website: (JustUnfollow)


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