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February 27, 2010
By Eric

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If you are an avid Twitter user, you have probably discovered that there is a Twiiter app for virtually everything.  Some of the Twitter apps are simple and user friendly, whereas others are very complex, hard to decipher, yet provide endless information.

Twittercounter falls into the second category.  This app is extremely useful for tracking if you know how to use it.  The problem is, it’s incredibly difficult to understand.  Here’s what Twittercounter does for you.  Twittercounter uses a matrix or graph representation that shows your followers, those who your are following, and your total tweets.  Through graphical representation, you can see trends for all twitter users.

Want to know how quickly you will have 1,000 followers, the graphs on Twittercounter will predict the answer for you.  Want to know how you compare to other Twitter users, thr graphs will display the results for you.  Updates are provided daily so you can keep track of how your are doing and how those you are following have fared in recent days.

Below the graphs you will see information including the amount of followers a Twitter users is expected to have 30 days from now, the date a Twitter user joined on, and your overall Twitter rank.  You can also access two top 1,000 lists, the first of which shows the most popular Twitter users and the second which displays the most popular Twitter lists.

At first glance, Twittercounter may appear confusing, but after a little time experimenting with the site you will quickly realize just how powerful this app can be.

To get started, follow the link below.

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