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February 25, 2010
By Sharon


Making friends, promoting your website and acquiring followers just got easier with Twiends.

Twiends is a credit-based application, developed to build relationships with other Twitter users.

All individuals interested in using Twiends, must register and log-in through oAuth.

Twiends suggests that all of their registered users add tags to their profile. Tags make it easier for fellow Twiends users to find and follow you.This feature is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.

After signing into Twiends, a group of Twitter users are displayed on the front page. Most of the users, have a credit worth attached to their profile picture. When you add users, you obtain the numerical credit attached to that user. For example; if Smurfette is worth 9 credits and you add her, you are then awarded those 9 credits.

Whenever a user adds you on Twiends, it subtracts from your credit amount. If you have 120 credits attached to your account, then those 120 credits equal 120 followers who will add you over time. The more credits you have, the more followers you will obtain.

User who want more credits, can purchase them via the website. Twiends has 6 credit package deals readily available. There is also a Featured User package for $49.50; this package allows you to be featured on the front page for 24 hours only.

Individuals can choose to manually add Twitter users via Twiends or they can let Twiends do the work for them. It would be best to manually add users to ensure you don’t accidentally add a spammer.

Twiends also has icons underneath certain users. These icons represent various different things. The key located at the right-corner of the page explains each icon thoroughly.

This application not only helps build your following on Twitter, it also comes equipped with an array of tips and tricks to help individuals promote their websites.

Website: (Twiends)

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