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February 23, 2010
By Sharon

twitter-pollpigeon-logoPOLLpigeon is a fun, fast and easy way to create polls and surveys.

Polls are one of the best ways to get insight on certain thoughts, ideas and issues.

Creating a poll or survey on POLLpigeon is easy. To get started, simply authenticate your account using the OAuth method.

All polls are required to have a picture accompany the question the user is asking. ¬†Users may also include trending tags, preceded by the ‘#’ sign, within their poll question. Your poll’s picture and how you phrase your question can be the determining factor as to whether or not another users take your poll.

POLLpigeon allows users the ability to have an infinite number of answer options for poll-takers to choose from. Users even have the option to make pictures represent the answers to their polls.

All polls are separated into seven different categories– Disney, Politics, Random, Fashion, Technology, Sports and Celebs. For the best results, always choose the category closest to your poll’s theme.

POLLpigeon also has a feature called PigeonPoints. PigeonPoints allow users to promote their polls to over 250,000 Twitter users. Individuals are awarded 1 PigeonPoint for every poll they take with a maximum of 200 polls per day. You also receive 1 PigeonPoints whenever someone takes one of your polls. There is a section on the POLLpigeon website that allows users to complete offers to gain more points. PigeonPoints can also be purchased with a major credit card, through your mobile phone or PayPal on the site as well.

Pigeonpoints are needed to bid on polls. The more bids a poll has attached to it, the more people see it.

If you don’t have any desire to make a poll of your own, you can always browse the site for the newest polls and quizzes for fun. The most popular polls are displayed, with their pictures, on the front page.

POLLpigeon polls/surveys can be written in more than 40 different languages.

POLLpigeon is a great way to pass the time or get insightful information from a particular audience.

Website: (POLLpigeon)
Twitter: @POLLpigeon, @PigeonPoll

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