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February 22, 2010
By Sharon

785632435464FollowerWonk is a combination of two applications in one.

FollowerWonk has both an advanced search feature and a 3-user comparison feature.

This application takes Twitter’s search feature to an elevated level. FollowerWonk allows users to search for users by their government name, biography and location.

The advanced search feature that FollowerWonk has in place, has sections set-up so individuals can search Twitter users with a specific amount of followers and friends.

The 3-user comparison component is a fun way to analyze Twitter users. Simply submit 3 Twitter usernames and FollowerWonk displays the results shortly after.

Each of the 3 users are given a designated color– orange, green and blue. There is a diagram on the left-hand side that shows the friends, not their followers, that each user has. The bigger the circle, the more friends the user has.

The statistics underneath the diagram lists the shared friends between all 3 users, the unique friends that each Twitter user has and last but not least, it shows the mutual friends that each Twitter user has with the one another.

The middle section of FollowerWonk displays all 3 users with their pictures and a rundown of each user’s Twitter biography along with the amount of time they’ve been on Twitter.

The right-hand side of the page displays 4 bar graphs of information. The graphs compare each followers number of days on Twitter, the average new followers they acquire per day, the total number of tweets they have and their average amount of tweets per week.

Even though there is an option to compare and contrast 3 users at a time, submitting the third user is indeed optional.

FollowerWonk requires no registration, authentication or log-in information.

FollowerWonk is good for “work” (the search option) or for “play” (the comparison feature). It never hurts to see how you measure-up to other Twitter users, so try it out today!

Website: (FollowerWonk)


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