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February 21, 2010
By Sharon


If you’re looking for a large Twitter directory powered by the users themselves, then WeFollow has exactly what you’re looking for.

Kevin Rose, who also created Digg, developed this user-friendly Twitter directory.  Over the past year, WeFollow has steadily become one of the most popular Twitter directories on the net.

Every Twitter user can and should take full advantage of WeFollow. Users can choose to list themselves among millions of other Twitter users, or they can just browse the database at their leisure.

To add yourself to WeFollow, you must enter your location first and foremost. A large percentage of Twitter users prefer to network, meet and communicate with individuals who are close to their vicinity.

WeFollow has hundreds, and quite possibly thousands, of categories that users can choose as their hashtag. ‘Celebrity’ is currently the top category and ‘New York, NY’ is currently the top location on WeFollow.

WeFollow users are allowed to enter up to 5 hashtags. Submitting the appropriate hashtag is extremely important to finding like-minded individuals. If you are a Journalist and business owner, you would enter those two hashtags to meet people in that line of work.

As you type-in a particular hashtag, WeFollow shows a drop-down menu of suggested hashtags you can use. The drop-down menu also indicates the number of WeFollow users who have already used that particular hashtag. Users also have the option to create their own tags.

Claiming a hashtag that doesn’t pertain to your profession or line-of-work can work against your chances of being followed. The hashtags you use can either make or break your chances of being followed, so it would be best to choose wisely.

To complete your directory submission, you must allow WeFollow to tweet the link and hashtags as a status update to your Twitter profile.

WeFollow is used by celebrities, corporate types and your average Joe.

This application is a great way to meet new people who share the same profession and/or interests.

Website: (WeFollow)
Twitter: @wefollow

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