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February 20, 2010
By Sharon


Why go searching for news, events or occurrences when they can come to you.

The RTAlerts application is great for the Twitter user who wants to get news alerts about the topics of their choosing.

All news is reported in real-time. Users must log into RTAlerts with their Twitter username and password. There is no fee in place for this application.

Once you are logged into RTAlerts, you can choose which outlet you want the application to search for your news. Google News, Digg, Google Video, Techmeme and Flickr, are currently the only places that RTAlerts will search for information.

After selecting your desired search platform, you must enter one term you’d like RTAlerts to search for.  For example, if you wanted information about health care, you’d simply type the word in the box.

RTAlerts request that you enter a tag term (#) as well. Imputing a tag at the end of your tweet will help optimize your search results on Twitter. Other users on the social networking site will be able to find your information easier as a result. RTAlerts users can choose the number of links tweeted from their account in a 15 minute time period. The minimum amount of links that can be tweeted in a 15 minute interval is one  with five being the maximum amount that can be tweeted.

Once you have filled-out and sent all of the required information, whenever RTAlerts finds information relevant to your settings, they will tweet the information as a status update from your account. This way, all of your friends and followers will see the information as well.

This application is great for Reporters, Bloggers or any profession that calls for delivering news in a timely fashion. RTAlerts is also great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend money on a newspaper on a daily basis.

Check out RTAlerts today and stay in-the-know of what you want to know!
Website: (RTAlerts)

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