Re:Tweetist App Gives Instant Access to Retweeted Stats

February 14, 2010
By Eric
Re:Tweetist Logo

Re:Tweetist Logo





One of the most popular Twitter apps as listed by Compete in their Top 21 Twitter Apps chart is a site called Re:Tweetist.  Re:Tweetist is simple in nature, but allows users to find out a lof of information about both Twitter users and online sites.

So what does Re:Tweetist actually do?  Well for starters, it allows you to search instantly for the hottest news topics, the most popular tweeters, and the most tweeted sites on the web.  The user interface is so simple that anyone could use the site and discover exatcly what they are looking for in just a few seconds.

Re:Tweetist is broken down into three categories which include news, tweeters, and urls.  To search for news with the most retweets all you do is go directly to their site and the list pops up on its own.  If your interested in finding out about tweeters with the most retweets simply click the box at the top with the title Tweeters.  Trying to find out which web sites have the most retweets? Simply click the box with the title URLs.

The sites design could not be more user friendlys.  Additionally, the site has two other search features which allows you to search for retweets by username and the search for sites by specific URLs.  If you want to know either how popular a Twitter user is or how popular a site is, it’s just a click away.

Follow the link below to begin your search on Re:Tweetist


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