Send your valentine a personalized message with the Sweethearts app

February 13, 2010
By Sharon


Sweethearts is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day candy. It’s always fun to pick one out of the box and read its message.

Now you can send your Twitter crush or valentine a personalized virtual message, with the Sweethearts application.

Each virtual box of candy can only hold up to five Sweethearts. Click on the Sweetheart you want to alter the message for and type-in your own personalized message. Continue this method until you have changed all of your Sweethearts.

Users can either send their box of Sweethearts through e-mail or Twitter. Twitter users can send their Sweethearts through direct message or through a mention– mentions will be seen by everyone on Twitter. Users that e-mail their Sweethearts must include their name and the recipients name and e-mail. Both options allow you to send a message along with your virtual candy.

Once your Sweethearts are sent, your status will be updated to mention that you sent that ’special someone’ a box of personalized Sweethearts.

The Sweethearts application is a fun twist on the real candy. This is a great way to show the person you love, that you really care.

Your Twitter profile must be public for this application to work. There is no registration or fee required. Sweethearts can also be downloaded from the iTunes application store for free. This application is compatible with the iPhone.

The Sweethearts application website even has some great recipes, crafts and gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

This is the perfect application to take advantage of, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Try Sweethearts out today and show someone you love them!

Website: (Sweethearts)

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