Conversationalist: Automatically generate a list of your most talked to Twitter friends

February 12, 2010
By Sharon

conversationlist_logoAs your popularity on Twitter grows, it sometimes becomes extremely hard to keep track of the people you talk to on a regular basis.

The Conversationalist application automatically creates a list of the people you interact with the most on Twitter.

Of course you could say Twitter’s ‘list’ feature is similar to the conversationalist, but you’d be wrong.

Twitter lists are made by the user where as Conversationalist grabs the first 25 people you communicate with the most. Anyone you send a reply or mention using ‘@’, will be added to your conversationalist list.

This is one of the best applications to-date. Digging through a pile of users that you don’t speak to is annoying and tiresome. This application makes interaction with your genuine friends and followers easy by doing all the work for you.

The list of people put together by the Conversationalist is updated on a daily basis. According to the Conversationalist website, once someone on Twitter follows your list, they will be able to see everything you and those on your list say. All lists can be deleted via your Twitter account.

Check out the conversational approach to Twitter lists.

Website:  (Conversationalist)

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