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February 9, 2010
By Sharon

twitter-iconTwittley is n web site every Twitter user should have bookmarked.

Twitter is filled with people from all over the world. Therefore, the news you receive may not be the same news someone in another state or country gets. Twittley is a great way to stay in-the-know about news and events from all wakes of life.

After signing into Twittley through OAuth, users can tweet links to interesting stories, videos or pictures. Even if you don’t have a link to tweet, you can still re-tweet information that you see on the site. Re-tweeting links will more than likely grab the attention of your followers and other Twitter users searching for that particular topic.

Users can also comment and vote on the links submitted to Twittley. Whenever you vote on a link, your Twitter status will be updated with that link.

The most popular stories are displayed on the front page. Any and all links submitted to Twittley, are given an individual page. Each designated page allows users to hold discussion and it also lists all of the users that have re-tweeted that particular link.

Twittley also has buttons that users can use to put on their blogs and websites.

Twittley is an encyclopedia for your Twitter account.  This site contains everything you want and need to know. Use Twittley to enlighten yourself and others or to simply promote your site, the choice is yours!

Website: (Twittley)
Twitter: @twittleydotcom

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