Twitterholic App Follows Most Popular Twitter Users

February 7, 2010
By Eric


Just as one can be addicted to caffeine, alcohol, or practically anything else, the site called suggests that Twitter users can be considered addicts as well.

This Twitter App uses what they refer to as their Twittastic robot which scans through the Twitter timeline in search of new twits and tweets.  The robot performs this action several times per day and compiles the stats it garners to produce a list of Twitterholics.

The list essentially shows the most popular Twiiter users at an given time.  The best part about the app is that participation is essentially mandatory.  If you Twit or Tweet, they will find you, no need to sign up for anything or download a program.  Every user could potentially make the list at some point, but famous people tend to occupy most if not all of the top spots.

A brief look over the Twitterholic top 100 list for today shows many celebrities on the list including Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Seacrest, Demi Moore, Barack Obama and Ellen Degeneres to name a few.  Also on the list are sites like and a jobsearch site.

Though it probably is not easy to make the list, some will certainly try.  Gaining a top spot on the list officially makes you a Twitterholic.  Visit the link to check the top Twitterholics any time.


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