Show off your Twitter friends and followers with the Theyfollowme app

February 7, 2010
By Sharon

theyfollowmeTheyfollowme is a fun application for individuals with blogs and websites.

Theyfollowme generates an interactive grid composed of pictures of your followers or friends. Your friends are the people you follow and your followers are the people that are following you of course.

Theyfollowme users can customize the widget to their liking. Length, width, color-scheme and display picture are just some of the things you change change on a whim. Every time you alter the widget, you must click the ‘Update Widget’ button in order for the changes to take effect.

Once you have created your widget, an html code will be generated for that specific Twitter username. This code can be placed anywhere that enables html and javascript.

Theyfollowme requires absolutely no registration, sign-in or OAuth. This application only works on public profiles. If your tweets are locked, the application won’t be able to generate the grid. Theyfollowme, gives free reign to anyone who places a Twitter username in the submit box. This means that anyone can generate a grid of your friends or followers.

If you place the grid on your page, blog or website, anyone who visits your respective page will be able to click on each of your friend’s pictures and be directed to that person’s Twitter page.

Website: (Theyfollowme)

Twitter: @theyfollowme

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