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February 2, 2010
By Sharon


Sharing information using numerous applications  can become hectic after awhile.

The Twit5 application combines some of the most popular Twitter apps in-one.

With Twit5 you can tweet a shorter version of your links and give your links a title. Twit5 even gives you the html code to place your link on websites and blogs.

All of the information you upload to this application can be managed under your Twit5 profile settings. Twit5 also automatically tweets the information you upload to your username on Twitter.

Videos, pictures and games can also be uploaded. Pictures are assigned  designated links and codes, while videos are simply just uploaded to the servers. Games can either be uploaded to the application directly or linked to it.

The ‘Combo’ section, combines all of the other sections (Link, Video, Photo, Event & Game)in one.

One of the best things about uploading an event to Twit5 is that users can include the event’s exact location by using the application’s interactive map.

Even if you don’t feel like uploading any material to the site, you can always browse the most recent links and uploads at the bottom of the screen.

Twit5 is a great application for individuals who blog or run a website. As long as the information you submit is interesting, this application is guaranteed to increase your website’s traffic and your followers on Twitter.

Website: (Twit5)
Twitter: @twit5

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