Top Stock Tweets: Keeping up-to-date with the latest news circulating the stock market

January 22, 2010
By Sharon


The Top Stock Tweets application is a Stock broker’s dream.

Top Stock Tweets only displays tweets pertaining to stocks that are considered the ‘cream of the crop’.

This application is lightning fast, factual and free for anyone to use. All information is reported in real-time, therefore there is never a need to constantly refresh your page.

All the information given with this application is as detailed as possible, so if you’re just getting into stocks, this application is a great ’starter guide’ for you. The middle column is devoted to reporting on the most used U.S. stock symbols.

Top Stock Tweets allows users to search for stocks, acquire tips, import urls and exchange legitimate and legal information about stocks.

Users who search for a particular stock via Top Stock Tweets, will obtain all of the latest tweets and discussions revolving around that stock.

All tweets beginning and ending with ‘$’ or ‘$$’, will be added to the site’s charts and database.

Top Stock Tweets prides itself on bringing you quality instead of company. All Twitter users are ranked, but the application only displays information from individuals who divulge the most valuable information.

Getting the best information about stocks is at your finger tips with the Top Stock Tweets application.

Website: (Top stock Tweets)

Twitter: @StockGrazr

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