Twitual: Keep track of your followers, fans, friends and idols

January 3, 2010
By Sharon


The Twitual application, tells you everything you ever wanted to know about your Twitter account.

Twitual is a great way to see exactly who your loyal fans and followers are.

One of the best things about Twitual is that there’s no sign-up or sign-in required. With Twitual, just about anyone can use and get information about a Twitter account.

Twitual does all the work for you. All you need to do is type the username you want to analyze in the ’search box’ and then hit enter.

Twitual organizes all of your information into separate columns for easy maneuvering. Your Twitter information is analyzed, then divided into 5 sections– Followers, Friends, Mutual, Fans and Idols.

The ‘Followers’ and ‘Friends’ categories are self-explanatory. The ‘Mutual’ category shows Twitter users who are both your friends and followers. The ‘Fans’ section are the people who follow you, but you don’t follow back. The ‘Idol’ section showcases the people you follow, but those individuals don’t follow you back.

Twitual is a great application for any Twitter user who has a large following. Instead of spending minutes searching for a follower/friend, who may or may not still be on your list, make your life easier by using Twitual.

Website: (Twitual)
Twitter: @twitual

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