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December 28, 2009
By Sharon


Twiturm (Twit Ur Music) was developed to give independent artists an outlet to promote themselves.

This free application allows musicians from all genres, the opportunity to reach the masses with their music.

You don’t have to beĀ  signed into twiturm to listen to mp3s and download music. But, you must sign-in if you want to upload songs to twiturm’s servers.

Each uploaded track is given a special code and link. This code can be embedded on almost any website.

Additionally, users can promote their uploaded music via e-mail, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Reddit, and more than 30 other social network bookmark sites.

Twiturm allows users to tweet, re-tweet, follow, and subscribe to the musicians featured on the site.

Mainstream artists like Soulja Boy, MC Hammer, Jesse McCartney, and Young Joc, all have songs uploaded to twiturm.

It is not mandatory to allow other individuals the ability to download your music. Enabling the download feature is optional.

‘Popular Today’, ‘Twiturm’, ‘Top Genres’ and ‘Top Users’ are the most frequently browsed categories on the site. These categories are great to peruse when you don’t have any MP3s to upload and share.

Website: (Twiturm)

Twitter: (@twiturm)

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