Twitterfall: Viewing trending topics just got easier

December 15, 2009
By Sharon


The ‘trending topics’ section on Twitter is one of the best ways to keep up with all of the most popular information circulating the web.

Unfortunately, sometimes in the midst of reading a particular tweet about a said topic, the page refreshes itself; therefore bumping the tweet you just read into the abyss.

Luckily, Twitterfall is a new Twitter application that makes keeping up with the latest trending topics easier.

The site lists the most popular and most current trending topics on the left-hand side of its site. With Twitterfall, users can see trending topics flow and collapse just like an actual waterfall would.

Twitterfall allows users to take the driver seat; allowing them to decide which settings best suit their needs.

Users can set the speed of how often the trending topics update, the text size, animation, fall size and theme. There is even an ‘Exclusions’ option for those who wish to exclude certain topics or tweets.

A Twitterfall interface is currently available for Mac OS X only. Windows and Mac users can also download a special widget for their computers. Twitterfall even has an easy-to-use application for iPhone users.

Twitterfall is free, but the site does accept donations.

One of the best features of Twitterfall is that you do not need to be logged into their Twitter account to access it. However, logging into Twitter through Twitterfall does allow you to maneuver through the site and its perks easier.

Website: (Twitterfall)

Twitter Page(s): @twtfall, @jalada, @x5315

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