Echofon: The Ultimate Twitter Syncing

December 14, 2009
By Nico


Once called Twitterfon, Echofon promises a streamlined family of applications so that you can expertly read, respond and communicate via Twitter across multiple platforms or devices. Echofon currently uses two main apps – one for your iPhone and one for Firefox, with a third standalone application for Mac desktops in preview right now.  The idea between Echofon is that it seamlessly ties both your activity on the Firefox in-browser Twitter feed to the one on your phone and vice versa. The way that they do this is by caching the ID of your last read tweet in a “sync server” that all the seperate apps use so that no matter what application you open, you’re always reading something new. It is an easy one-time setup to sync yourself as well.

Currently, the juggernaut of the Echofon system is the iPhone app – it has both a free and a paid-for “pro” version. Both have a robust number of unique things you can do on your phone with Twitter, using the client.  Free version features such things as full-screen Twitpics, video uploading, rich text timeline, and Echofon “pushes.” This means that even for a free user, any time another Echofon user responds to your tweets or directly messages you, you get a notification on your phone like a text message. The pro version of Echofon gives you even more options, including pushes from any Twitter user that responds to or directly messages you. It also allows the user to upload pictures to Flickr, access to, multi-account Twitter use and more.

As far as the other applications go – both the Firefox browser and Mac desktop client, they are to support you at home rather than on-the-go like with the phone. The Firefox application sits neatly in the taskbar of the browser window, making seeing unread tweet counts and popping out a Twitter list to post one of your favorite links to your Tweetfeed very easy.

If you have a lifestyle that needs to stay synced no matter where you are, Echofon might be the Twitter app of choice.

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